Until Then...a Utopia in Education

By Esperanza Suarez.

Published by Journal of the World Universities Forum

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Is it possible to sustain and nurture a dream of a better education while one works in the current educational system? How can one sustain this dream while working in traditional institutions? How can this dream influence daily educational work? How can we create a program that does not divorce practice from theory? How to reach a consensus that to learn and to grow is a life long endeavor?
A new paradigm should conceive of education as a process where knowledge is created in an equal and just way for all. This constructivist paradigm could create a new compromise and motivation in teachers, students, parents, and all who are involved in the process.
At what level of the teaching process should this new paradigm begin to work?

Keywords: New Teaching Paradigm, Teacher Training, New Utopia in Education

Journal of the World Universities Forum, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp.165-172. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.199MB).

Dr. Esperanza Suarez

Adjunct Professor, Early Childhood Education, Universidad de las Americas, Quito, Ecuador

Esperanza Suárez, M.Ed. Rutgers University (1974), Ph.D., Walden University (2004), has been an educator for 36 years. She has always been interested in how to improve education at all levels. She is presently an Adjunct Professor at the Universidad de las Americas in Quito, Ecuador, where she is leading a course on Working with Families and the Community in Early Childhood Education. She lives in Quito, Ecuador, with her husband, Bruce and young adult daughter, Esther. She also has two grown and independent daughters, Daniela and Gabriela. Esperanza is always trying to create opportunities for critical self-reflection and reflective dialogue, which are so meaningful for growth, but also as a tool to improve education.


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