On Strategies Applicable in Translation of Chinese Relic Culture

By Jianrong Wang and Haiyun Guo.

Published by Journal of the World Universities Forum

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Since the 17th National Congress of the CPC, the Chinese government has included the task of enhancing the national cultural softpower into China’s developmental guidelines. Relic culture, as one influential window to the world, has gathered more strength with supports from related fields. Translating work, as an indispensable tool, also gets more emphasis.
The paper intends to argue that a translator should be aware that, besides those strategies described in translating textbooks, a perspective of intercultural communication can help him/her to produce a translated text in English more practical, powerful and acceptable. By complying with the role of a gatekeeper of the communicative process, the translator can adopt strategies flexibly to keep an effective message channel - explicit enough to express the culture involved, fluent enough to attract the culture’s recipients, and properly saturated to avoid cultural revulsion.

Keywords: Chinese Relic Culture, Intercultural Communication, Translation, Message Channel, Gatekeeper

Journal of the World Universities Forum, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp.107-114. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 802.272KB).

Jianrong Wang

Associate Professor of English, School of Languages and Communication Studies, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

I am an Associate Professor of English in Beijing Jiaotong University. Now I work as a visiting lecturer in Bridgewater State College, USA. My research job is mainly focused on comparative culture and translation. This proposal is based on one of my research projects, which is aimed to help Beijing Relics Office to set general norms for translation of Beijing cultural relics into English.

Haiyun Guo

Professor, School of Languages and Communication Studies, Beijing, China

Professor of English language


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