The Synthesis of Design and Content: The Indefinite Impact of Technology Motifs in College Classroom Presentations

By Bruce Hammond.

Published by Journal of the World Universities Forum

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When Marshall McLuhan spoke to the artificiality of trying to separate mediated communication in his seminal book, The Medium is the Message, he was admittedly oversimplifying a very complex concept. Still, his argument that electronic technology changes our basic way of thinking about the world and that we are numb to the changes brought about by such technology even as they happen, has significant implications for knowledge communication. As college and university students and researchers use electronic media to discover, analyze, and report academic actualities and probabilities, the disImpact tinction between form and content is being increasingly blurred. Among the implications for higher education is that if professors and their students do not see or understand the impact of the design of technology on the understanding of the information presented classrooms or online, they will only support the misguided belief that knowledge is pure and free of external influence. That is to say, while most people will acknowledge contextual framework has always had a minor impact on the communication of knowledge, very few seem to understand that the design of mediated technology assaults knowledge and, in many cases, twists meaning and comprehension. This paper addresses the issue of the impact of the design of mediated communication on content and knowledge and offers suggestions for accommodating that impact to the sender’s and receiver’s mutual benefit.

Keywords: Impact of Design on Learning, Impact of Technology and Understanding, Impact of Technology Design on Learning, Indefinate Impact of Design of Learning

Journal of the World Universities Forum, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp.35-38. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 503.763KB).

Dr. Bruce Hammond

Chair, Division of Communication and Administrative Studies, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida, USA

Dr. Bruce R. Hammond holds a Ph.D. in Communication from SUNY at Buffalo. He has been on the faculties of Canisius College, Cornell University, and SUNY Buffalo. He has also been an international management consultant. At the present time, he is Chair of the Division of Communication and Administrative Studies at Saint Leo University in Florida. He is the author of two books and countless articles. His current research interest is the impact of technological design on learning in college classrooms.


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