Design Education Applied to Students with Learning Difficulties: A Design Education Project

By Margaret-Catherine Perivoliotis.

Published by Journal of the World Universities Forum

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The paper discusses a design education project applied to students with learning and physical difficulties or disabilities. It is part of the collaborative activities of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece, with European Schools of Design through the Socrates/Erasmus educational programmes. The unique feature of this project and the case study is that it provides the opportunity for design students to explore multidisciplinary design issues, offering equal educational possibilities and project participation to students with or without difficulties/disabilities. The research team investigated the possibility of a design theme that has common interest at a supranational level, can be undertaken and fulfilled together with other schools of design of different countries, languages and cultures, with the active participation of students with or without learning and physical difficulties/disabilities. Designing for a theatrical performance in the University environment by students and for audience who cannot understand a language or have hearing problems was the final common decision of the research team. It is historically and actively proven that theatre, through pedagogical and emotional inputs, is emphasizing pedagogy, idealism and inclusiveness. Motivating paradigm that initiated the present work was the new digital technology, challenging to offer accessibility to blind and deaf people. The case study is an interaction of different disciplines, methods and techniques in design, textiles, and stage design education and practice, with the direct involvement of design professors and students. All participants have benefited from the research work, the exchange of insights, tools and methods that support design education, and from sharing experience, ideas and information. The use of technology played a vital role during all steps of the case study. The results of the total work are intended to contribute to the active design education field for students with learning difficulties/disabilities. Examples from the total work will be provided.

Keywords: Textile Design Education, Stage Design, Students with Learning Difficulties

Journal of the World Universities Forum, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp.35-44. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.151MB).

Dr. Margaret-Catherine Perivoliotis

Associate Professor, Faculty of Graphic and Applied Arts, Technological Educational Institute TEI of Athens, Athens, Greece

Place of Birth Athens, Greece. Studies National Technical University of Athens, engineering; Chicago College of Fine Arts Vogue, USA; Interior Design degree, Specialization Fashion/Textile Design; Doctor of Textile Design. Academic carrier: Associate Professor with tenure of Textile Art and Design and History of Furniture/Decoration; Head of the Textile Design Studio, Interior Design Department; International Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Graphic and Applied Arts, Technological Educational Institute, TEI, of Athens, Greece, Head of the research programme “ATHENA 2004”. Research: 10 International Research Projects on Design, Textiles, Hellenic Traditional Textiles and Costumes, Cultural Heritage, Design Education, Two European Modules, 14 Journal publications on Textiles, Textile History, Culture, Design and Education, 6 in Design Magazines on Textile Art and Interior Design, 52 International Conference Proceedings on Textile Art/Design, History of Textiles, Design Education, Distance Learning for women and minorities, Cultural Heritage, 3 Books, in Greek language, on History of Textiles, Textile Art and Design, and History of Furniture. Collaborations: Greek private Educational Institution Petra, as head of the Interior Design Department, PRISMA Society for the Leonardo da Vinci Program CRAFT, Dora Stratou Foundation for the study/preservation of Traditional Greek Costumes, TEI Coordinator for the Socrates European programs “Module in European Fashion Industry”, and “European Module in Interior Architecture”, Hellenic SMEs Organization, Hellenic Pedagogical Institute, Athens Municipality, American College of Athens, Centre for Adults Education of Athens, Greece. Workshops/lectures: Graduate/post-graduate students in many European Universities within the Erasmus/Socrates programmes.


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